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Rpg Maker VX ACE

Psycologico is online with its third demo iteration. Download, enjoy and leave us a feedback! The video currently linked comes from an earlier version of the game: from that version, the graphics have been improved.
Sprache: English  
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Psycologico is 75% off on for the rest of March!
Psycologico - FREE DEMO
Psycologico - FREE DEMO
Psycologico - FREE DEMO
Psycologico - FREE DEMO
Psycologico - FREE DEMO
Kommentare (4)
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Luis (Stufe 17) 2018-03-05
It's nice, but not so nice to buy it. Sorry.
DanGames Profile (Stufe 5) 2017-06-23
Nice horror! Made with RPG Maker?
Staff (Stufe 13) 2017-06-21
Fixed video
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