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Veröffentlicht: 2018/01/05


Custom is an online multiplayer game heavily influenced by The goal is to collect splinters and destroy enemy entities to increase in size and destructive power.
Sprache: English  
Neu: 1
Updated! Now the lag should be reduced a bit, along with some other changes. [alpha]
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Luis (8746 Edelsteine) 2018-01-22

Too hard to play

Loppa Profile (2243 Edelsteine) 2018-01-10

It's the strangest game I've ever tried. But it's cool, improve it. Keep on creating online games like this! for the moment 3/5

MagicOz (1535 Edelsteine) 2018-01-10

first al all: I don't undestand how to play it. At Second, it's a tech question: how is it possible to make a multiplayer online game and host it on indiexpo?

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