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Pocket Quest!

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Pocket Quest! is half way between a traditional #JRPG and board games such as Snakes and Ladders. What normally happens in a role-playing game then, is revisited to fit the mechanical properties of a game with boards, squares and dices to throw.
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Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
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Fleurman (Stufe 12) 2021-05-06
This game is a masterpiece ! I first played it a few years ago and I regularly come back at it. Yesterday, I felt like playing again and here I go again saving the young prince for the fourth or fifth time, haha... Thank you for your work !
Rodixxx (Stufe 7) 2021-02-08
Can I play it on tablet?
Freank Bestätigt (Stufe 16) 2021-02-01
Hey @testament, qualche novità su nuovi progetti? Io voglio uno spinoff di PQ!
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