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PenGo Arctic Trouble

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Veröffentlicht: 13/02/2012



ENG: go through 30 mini-levels full of puzzles based on platforms, blocks, elevators, switches and much more to save your beloved Penny!
ITA: avventuratevi in 30 mini livelli di rompicapo a base di piattaforme, blocchi, montacarichi, interruttori e altro ancora! Riuscirai a riunire Pen-Go alla sua amata Penny?
Sprache: English  
PenGo Arctic Trouble
PenGo Arctic Trouble
PenGo Arctic Trouble
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Wird Geladen...
Wird Geladen...
Gatsu87 (Stufe 14) 2012-03-31
Your game are very cute !!
<br />And the gameplay is "easy and funny" !
<br />Go bro ! I'm trying all your games ! :D
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