Play Owen - One hour to save

Owen - One hour to save

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Veröffentlicht: 2019/01/18


Rpg Maker 2003

In the 60s, the private detective Owen Campbell, a former police officer and also a veteran of World War II, receives a job offer. If he accepts this job, it will face strange obstacles that put his life at risk.
Sprache: English  
Neu: 4
This is the last game I'll do. I have no pretensions to developing games, especially in RPG Maker.
Owen - One hour to save
Owen - One hour to save
Owen - One hour to save
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JEntertaiment (Stufe 11) 2021-01-04
Great project
TyrionL (Stufe 14) 2019-01-22
I played Oni Zon few time ago. I think that it was the best
No Signal (Stufe 6) 2019-01-19
is it a platform or an rpg?
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