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Out of The Hat is a puzzle platformer where you will be thrown in a bizarre world inspired by the masters of the uncanny, including Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, HP Lovecraft and many more.
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Out of the Hat
Out of the Hat
Out of the Hat
Out of the Hat
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Domiz (Stufe 4) 2021-06-17
the new restyle is very cool! Now it looks like a book!
CreepyFadedsprk (Stufe 2) 2020-09-26
Last Saturday I uploaded my Let's Play for this game, as requested by Luca. It reminds me of LIMBO for the side-scrolling and platforming. But it's a very pleasant adventure with a completely different mechanic. I do believe the kickstarter for this failed, but I wish I could see more. Watch The Video Here:
YouTube Gameplay
JawsOP (Stufe 10) 2019-11-09
It looks like a creepy game but it's not an horror game
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