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Moorland Sonata

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ENG: An eerie point and click immersive puzzle game. No saves, no loads: a one-shot short story! A strange and cold night in the moorland. Follow the moon into a dreamy time-distorted reality.
ITA: Disponibile in inglese e in italiano!
If you have issues with the mouse speed, you can easily fix it in the Gamesetup located in the same folder which includes the exe.
Sprache: Italiano   English  
Moorland Sonata
Moorland Sonata
Moorland Sonata
Moorland Sonata
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Reofloor (Stufe 10) 2020-06-13
very nice drawings!
Balthasaurus (Stufe 4) 2019-09-07
This was a really fun point and click game, with though provoking and intuitive puzzles. The only time I ever got stuck was when I didn't see the new areas I could go to, perhaps in the future you could add some arrows to the sides of the screen to indicate this? Overall, I really enjoyed playing this!
Popsan Angel (Stufe 13) 2019-05-23
is there a gameplay of this game? the draws look incredibly cool
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