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Mario RPG Lost Souls

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Super Mario RPG Lost Souls is a RPG inspired by Superstar Saga's graphic style, and has a lot of others RPG aspects from SMRPG, Paper Mario or even Squaresoft games. Join Mario in a quest to defeat the Heartless Queen, with the help of your companions. Use items, punches and final smashes to go through all your ennemies!
Sprache: Francais  
Mario RPG Lost Souls
Mario RPG Lost Souls
Mario RPG Lost Souls
Mario RPG Lost Souls
Mario RPG Lost Souls
Mario RPG Lost Souls
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Jonathan Fish (Stufe 16) 2016-08-16
amazing ! will you translate it also in english ? it's nice to see mario in a rpg ! the levels are very good and the thesign is amazing ! Good work !
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