LineWorld:the First Story

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Jared Johnson

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LineWorld: The First Story is a fun and challenging platformer with wiggling terrain and weird abstract worlds. LineWorlds are developed in a home-made vector engine. The Music of LineWorld is collaged across levels creating a transforming musical experience which follows your progression in the game. In 'the First Story' the protagonist is a small walking house.
LineWorld:the First Story
LineWorld:the First Story
LineWorld:the First Story
Kommentare (6)
Magnus C (1552 Edelsteine) 2017-10-11

my eyes O.O it's very dark and with strong line colors...

RealTidus (1903 Edelsteine) 2017-06-19

Hi Jared! I loved b.b. but this one it's too confused. Binary b. is simple, easy and fast. This one is dark, strange and not so clear. :( I'm so sorry. Then I played b.b. also with the indiepad. It's perfect! Are you working on other games that use this feature? (Sorry for my bad English)

Amir (3179 Edelsteine) 2017-05-18

Hi Jared, I loved binary b., but this game is totally different. It looks like a classic platform with a graphic made in few minutes and a not so original design. Binary boy has an original design, nice music, clear and with strong colours. This is made by another developer... Or the same developer with another type of life. Did you make this game after the blue whale game ?

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LineWorld:the First Story
LineWorld:the First Story
LineWorld:the First Story
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