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Lazr is a physics based 2d platformer with cloth simulations, set in a cyberpunk city called Alpha City One. Difficult, acrobatic platforming awaits the brave souls who dare to take control of Lazr - a fusion powered killer android capable of firing high intensity laser beams from her eyes.
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Lazr Devlog #79 :) Hey everybody, here's a massive update! Enjoy!
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
Lazr Cyberpunk Platformer
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Marco Sacchetti (Stufe 14) 2022-07-06
Ogni volta che passo qui vedo sviluppi e miglioramenti incredibili. Seguo anche i tuoi devlog! Complimenti, stai creando un gioco davvero pazzesco!
Gale (Stufe 5) 2021-09-06
the work behind this cyberpunk game is amazing. the pixel art mixed with the neon effects and the most fluid moviments that I never seen, made a great indie game. You will be famous. it is sure.
Trix (Stufe 4) 2021-07-08
Finnally a new update! Great!
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