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Pc white Herunterladen

Pc white Herunterladen


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Boruto (605 Edelsteine) 2019-02-09

great plot. so cute.

ronnye (3443 Edelsteine) 2017-03-26

congratulations! it's a very good... even if it's very short. i like the draws and all the "type" of sprites. Did you make also other games?

franco999 (1704 Edelsteine) 2017-03-24

very nice. The idea is the best point. But also the sprites are very nice and the same for the puzzles. Is there an online version? It's very short... you should make a serie :D Good luck!

the ugly truth (2222 Edelsteine) 2017-03-23

The meaning of this game is amazing! Explained in a very easy and good way. And it's done with a nice platform with different layers of graphics. Very good. 5 stars

Zion (3184 Edelsteine) 2016-12-21

Very fun and polished game! The art was great which isn't surprising considering the amount of artists but what impressed me was the consistency across the entire game.

CapZero88 (2881 Edelsteine) 2016-12-18

funny idea! it's so deep :)

Alkatraz (942 Edelsteine) 2016-12-17

voted on LD. But... is it normal that when I'm blind... the spikes doesn't hit me...?

LordDestro (825 Edelsteine) 2016-12-17

Completed! Very nice :D and the ending is very cute :). In a first moment I was thinking... "wtf?! Is it only a brown box?!" ... but then... good idea! You should improve the sprite when he takes the box! Good work! I hope to see new games made by you and your team!

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