Freud's Bones-the game

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I developed the first game about psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud by myself and now it's on Kickstarter.
The player, as an inner demon, will dig inside Freud's labyrinthine mind to discover his crises, desires, obsessions.#seriousgame #freud #psychology
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Freud's Bones-the game
Freud's Bones-the game
Freud's Bones-the game
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Stre93 (Stufe 13) 2022-06-18
The style of the game now is very different! A lot of new details and the animations and graphics are very detailed! An amazing upgrade!
Tyrion (Stufe 7) 2022-06-08
When I started to follow this project I was not so sure to see it complete and to see progress. But now I am very happy to say that I was wrong. Congratulation. I played it again, your team is amazing and the idea behind this game is great! Good luck! 5/5
Spike (Stufe 1) 2021-08-23
Completed, amazing project! I hope this can inspire other developers to make games about important historical characters. Good luck!
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