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Veröffentlicht: 2016/03/04


Rpg Maker MV

Forsaken Puts the Player alone in a ancient temple, said to be holy grounds where mortals may have an audience with the Higher Beings. But first, one must be judged worthy by the mysterious Judge Azarel. One can only be judged worthy if one overcomes all trials inside the temple, will you overcome them all and can you unravel the true meaning of the trials and Azarel?
Sprache: English  
Neu: 1
Forsaken DEMO V2 is out! the first 2 trials are fully availible having each their own original soundtrack! A total of 4 bosses, of which 2 are optional! Additions on the previous version are: A Log book, A Crafting system, 2 new Skills and a Sneaking mechanic for some sections in the game! Upcoming updates will be: A Shop, Upgradeable skills and much more! Stay tuned for V3!
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franco999 (2003 Edelsteine) 2017-07-27

hi, I want to play it on my android tablet. Can you fix this error:


Jonathan Fish (7709 Edelsteine) 2016-08-15

very great game ! I follow it ! are you continuig to develop it ? :D

fats (2932 Edelsteine) 2016-05-19

nice game ! I saw it on the rpg maker mv facebook page :D

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