Ethernalis - Alpha Access

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Ethernalis is a roguelike, dungeon-crawler with RPG elements set in a dark fantasy world represented through game cards.Ethernalis is still in alpha stage but we enjoy it already and are full of ideas for making it just the game we always wanted to play. Players choose their character and discover the world of Ethernal torn by the immediate danger of the undead armies...
Sprache: English  
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Ethernalis - Alpha Access
Ethernalis - Alpha Access
Ethernalis - Alpha Access
Ethernalis - Alpha Access
Ethernalis - Alpha Access
Ethernalis - Alpha Access
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Fellowplayer Profile (Stufe 22) 2018-01-03
That's pretty detailed.
TheBigShow (Stufe 12) 2017-08-08
Interesting game! it can be a triple A game. But if it's online... why do you not turn it in a browser game? i follow it to see the progress! good luck
the ugly truth (Stufe 11) 2017-08-07
can you add an offline tutorial? I love the card games, but it's too dark and the font is too small. Sorry, but this is the true
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