Edge Shift - Blackhole

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Veröffentlicht: 2016/04/21

Browser Game


Edge Shift - Blackhole
The player must shift gravity and shape to match the particles from the black depths of another realm emitted from the aperture of a black hole. If the player doesn't reflect the shape, they will pulled into the darkness and pushed into another dimension.
Sprache: English  
Edge Shift - Blackhole
Edge Shift - Blackhole
Edge Shift - Blackhole
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Wird Geladen...
Wird Geladen...
Jonathan Fish (Stufe 16) 2016-08-15
I don't understand how to play it ...
Marius (Stufe 14) 2016-04-22
is this a popular game ?! I download !
Gianus (Stufe 8) 2016-04-22
the game of stephen hawking XD
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