Dragon Ball Universe

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Veröffentlicht: 2019/01/28



This is an open-world multiplayer anime-inspired game where you can do absolutely anything you want whether it's dominating the world, building traps, becoming the world tournament champion, a hero, or even becoming a dark overlord who rules over the world.
Sprache: English  
Dragon Ball Universe
Dragon Ball Universe
Dragon Ball Universe
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Jerkwad (Stufe 1) 2019-02-03
Dont bother the people that play are jerks the people that dev it are jerks and the people that run it are jerks. The game attracts jerks so they can be jerked off
this game is built on spreading cancer and racism and indifference avoid it like the the plague!
Team7Star (Stufe 3) 2019-01-30
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Staff Bestätigt (Stufe 14) 2019-01-29
video fixed
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