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Dragon Adventure

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Veröffentlicht: 2021/01/25



Jump - W, Left - A, Right - D
Go to the Top flag!!!
Sprache: 한국어  
Dragon Adventure
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Studio90 Bestätigt (Stufe 8) 2021-02-01
hey there, im looking for players to check out my game, would be awesome if you try it out, just go to my profile and click on Baby Goat Billy :)
Guile (Stufe 8) 2021-01-30
No mobile friendly?
gamefive Bestätigt (Stufe 16) 2021-01-25
이동하다 가끔 이동속도가 0가 외는 경우가 있네요. 레벨을 만들떄 많이 고민하신듯 합니다. 게임 재미있게 했습니다.
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