ColorBlend FX

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ColorBlend FX is a mythical puzzle-platformer metroidvania where Splatians cooperate to return the Essence back to the world. Splat and stomp juicy slimes, swim in paint pools, overcome deadly traps, find secrets and treasures, solve color and physics puzzles and have a lot of fun in this unique 2.5D experience.. Are you feeling colorless right now?
#puzzle #metroidvania
Sprache: English  
ColorBlend FX
ColorBlend FX
ColorBlend FX
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Best IndieGames (Stufe 15) 2020-11-12
This game is in the video about the Top 5 BEST NEW Indie Games of October 2020

YouTube Gameplay
Tails_Strife Bestätigt (Stufe 12) 2020-11-06
your game is in top 5 indiexpo games of october

YouTube Gameplay
Loscar (Stufe 8) 2020-10-23
the design is good, but the stages looks very empty even if they have a lot of objects. I don't know why.
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