CHOP - Gory fighting game CHOP - Gory fighting game
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Boruto (605 Edelsteine) 2019-02-09

will you release it also on switch?

Best IndieGames (4515 Edelsteine) 2018-04-09

This game is in the video about the Top 6 Best Indie Games of March 2018

Enoch Profile (448 Edelsteine) 2018-04-02

Hahahaha it's not for kids! Hahahaha. But it's designed very well. I will support you!

Eugor (2939 Edelsteine) 2018-04-02

Great work guys! Few days ago I supported it on KS. I added just few euro, I'm not so rich! Bug good luck! I hope to see you again!

Luis (8746 Edelsteine) 2018-03-24

5/5 it's one of the best multiplayer fighting game played

lucyinthespace (2259 Edelsteine) 2018-03-22

oh, it's great! The animations are very fluid. I was reading that it's also for 4 local player. Does it need gamepads?

Fellowplayer Profile (22330 Edelsteine) 2018-03-06

So you can play this game as a single player?

ronnye (3443 Edelsteine) 2018-03-06

amazing artworks

Amir (4031 Edelsteine) 2018-03-06

is it like super meat boy?

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