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Car Simulator 2015

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Veröffentlicht: 2016/02/24



Your car is not only a luxury but a necessary means of transportation as well. Most people learn to drive in the real world, with all of its surprises and dangers. Here you can experience the joy of driving on a simulator, safely off the streets.
- Accurate physics
- Three cars/types to choose from
- Realistic sounds
- Totaling car s possible
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Car Simulator 2015
Car Simulator 2015
Car Simulator 2015
Car Simulator 2015
Car Simulator 2015
Car Simulator 2015
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Fellowplayer (Stufe 22) 2018-01-05
Good looking racing game.
Jonathan Fish (Stufe 16) 2016-08-15
wow ! Amazing ! can u add more cars ?
Marius (Stufe 14) 2016-05-31
wow ! Very cool to be an indie game!
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