Brief Battles KS Demo

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Veröffentlicht: 2017/11/01


Unreal Engine

May your butt reign supreme in Brief Battles, use your underpants to fight your friends in this fast-paced couch gaming platform fighter!Conquer your foes with flaming hot pants, buns of steel, toxic tighty whities and more. Brief Battles features over-the-top gameplay, colourful heroes, ridiculous game modes and hilarious combat powers.
Sprache: English  
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Brief Battles KS Demo
Brief Battles KS Demo
Brief Battles KS Demo
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Best IndieGames (Stufe 14) 2017-12-02
This game is in the video about the Top 9 Indie Game of November 2017
YouTube Gameplay
TyrionL (Stufe 13) 2017-11-25
good luck on kickstarter! How is going on?
TheBigShow (Stufe 12) 2017-11-21
great game but with few downloads
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