Blue Tales

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Veröffentlicht: 2016/03/06


Rpg Maker MV

Synosys can be found on our blog : Latest Version is
Sprache: English  
Neu: 2
Update to versi must fix some things: - Battle back at Myts Path - Battle FPS just only 30, now must be 60 - Re-setting Enemy - Dialog - Adding enemy item drop - some Treasure Chest - Fix Error status menu - Fix Error at Dirtstall we still trying fixing some error/bug before we release the official DEMO. so if you find some error/bug, let us...
Blue Tales
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Eugor (Stufe 12) 2016-12-26
no online version?
Max Enter (Stufe 7) 2016-11-10
Add more screen and the online version... like the other MV games...
CapZero88 (Stufe 12) 2016-11-08
is there an online version ?
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