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Staff (3220 Edelsteine) 2019-04-24

video fixed

TenTen92 (942 Edelsteine) 2019-04-16

your pixel art is another level. Are you a solo dev?

No Signal (452 Edelsteine) 2019-01-19

oh this game is still alive. I played it a lot of time ago.

Gesan (329 Edelsteine) 2019-01-13

you have to improve the backgrounds. the pixel art is amazing, the elements, the water, the sprites, but the backgrounds are very ugly. totally different

RockMith (1217 Edelsteine) 2018-12-15

any news?

Fellowplayer Profile (22872 Edelsteine) 2018-07-25

A Fishcrow? You think you've seen it all :P

Karma (4169 Edelsteine) 2018-07-25

but,I already saw this game, no?

Staff (3220 Edelsteine) 2018-07-25

Video fixed

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