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Absent is a story which follows the character of young-adult and college student, Murray Schull. He and his two best friends, Eve and Steve, attend a college in which students are disappearing daily. It’s up to them to find out how this is happening, why this is happening, protect their other friends, and to put a stop to it once and for all.
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Myrkvidr (Stufe 13) 2019-10-17
it looks great. i have one minor complaint.. the recording quality of the voice acting could be better. i know its minor but it really makes a big difference in the perception of the production value. You spent a lot of time and effort on all aspects of this game, why not do the same for the voice overs?
CTGH (Stufe 10) 2019-04-08
great job
nezir (Stufe 6) 2018-10-08
super game!
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