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A Timeless Story (ENG)

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Some people never change, in the true sense of the word. Lysander has stopped aging as a result of events that have inextricably tied him to a specific occurrence in his past. But what if you could go back and change that event? Will you manage to let go of your mistakes or will you irreversibly drown in your regrets?
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A Timeless Story (ENG)
A Timeless Story (ENG)
A Timeless Story (ENG)
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TyrionL (Stufe 14) 2017-11-25
you have to improve the maps of this game. The plot and the system is good and I like also your artworks, but several maps are very empty
Jonathan Fish (Stufe 16) 2016-08-14
You use different styles in the same game. In several parts I see the RTP of RPG maker... And in several parts I see original so graphics o.o the plot is interesting and this can be a very nice game... But you should improve the graphics and add mini game during the game to engage the players and broke the monotony ;)
fats (Stufe 12) 2016-05-19
nice game !
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