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When Angela, an air-headed but kind-hearted young woman accidentally becomes a Monster Girl Hunter, her life takes a rather...unexpected turn. As a Monster Girl Hunter, it's Angela's duty to take on Jobs to protect the citizens of the world from the nefarious Monster Girls. The Monster Girls, however, have a peculiar obsession...they love tickling their prey!
New update coming with Chapter 3 is redesigned skill descriptions and a new Status menu courtesy of Yanfly that will allow you to see more detailed info on statuses, and see, in real time, the effect they are having on your stats!
Who Hunts Monsters
Who Hunts Monsters
Who Hunts Monsters
Comments (28)
I'm stuck :( When I talk to the guild leader she just says to rest up and take it easy which I've tried doing and that does not help :( I also saved the little girls bro from the bear monster and I cannot seem to make the story progress :( Please help :(
Hi BrewedWar, now you can edit your game page and click on "enable #indiepad". It's a new feature (in beta) but you can already add it ;)
Hey, I'm stuck in the room where you save Tonic, I cli mbed the vines to the right and can't get out, can someone tell me how?
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